Welcome to Bassett Farms

Welcome to Bassett Farms. We are a local, family owned farm in Davisburg, MI. My wife Amy and I started the farm in the summer of 2020 when Corona Virus was in full swing. Before the farm I was working in lighting and production; a fast-paced, travel oriented career. In 2019 I was on over 50 flights and living out of hotels for nearly two thirds of the year. When Corona Virus took over, my industry (and my career) was brought to a halt. I needed to find a way to stay busy and give back to the community.

My garden started as a modest 1000sf  and it quickly grew to over 5000sf of cultivated earth. Amy and I set up a small farm stand at the bottom of our driveway with everything we had harvested that morning. We didn’t set prices or even ask for payment; we knew everyone was impacted by recent shutdowns just like us. One Saturday morning when I ran out of corn in under 2 hours I knew I had to go bigger. The response from the community was what motivated me to grow Bassett Farms into a fully-functional, family operated farm.

Towards the end of 2020 Amy and I decided that Bassett Farms would be my new career. We spent countless hours planning and preparing for the upcoming 2021 season and focusing on what owning a family farm meant to us. Over the Christmas holiday we finalized our seed orders and created recipes to share with everyone. We value our community and want to make sure Bassett Farms is a sustainable, authentic family farm committed to our local community.

Everything we do on the farm and everything we do behind the scenes is handled by family. If you’ve stopped by the farm you’ve probably seen Amy and I in the field tending to the crops or at the farm stand setting out produce for the day. Even our website and digital operations are handled by my sister. We want to make sure every part of our farm is an authentic representation of us.

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