USDA Certified Organic

Big news, really big news: We’re Organic! Yes, you read that right, Bassett Farms is now USDA Certified Organic. We know what you’re thinking… “Hasn’t Bassett Farms always been organic?” While we’ve always been committed to growing practices that are sustainable and organic; organic certification means that we’ve gone through a rigorous certification process that inspects every aspect of our farm to guarantee our organic processes. This includes an on-farm inspection of our land, our seeds, our fertilizers, the way we handle our plants and produce, and everything in-between.

What is “organic”?

Many people believe that certified organic produce simply means that it has been grown without using chemical fertilizer, but it means so much more. The USDA asserts that, “Organic products must be produced using agricultural production practices that foster resource cycling, promote ecological balance, maintain and improve soil and water quality, minimize the use of synthetic materials, and conserve biodiversity.” Being certified USDA organic is part of our farm’s commitment to you, and to the planet, that we exceed these expectations.

Why we chose to become USDA Certified Organic:

Becoming a certified organic farm is something that we are extremely proud of. Certification is not only a long process, it’s also an expensive one. Farms applying for certification need to produce records showing the adoption of organic agriculture for a period of three years before becoming certified. So, yes, Bassett Farms hasĀ always been organic. When we first approached the idea of obtaining our certification, we considered the fact that our practices have always been inline with organic agriculture. We questioned whether or not the financial hurdle of certification was “worth it” if we were already committed to production practices the USDA requires. Did we really need a certification? Then, we thought about you. Our certification is for you; for your confidence in us and for your peace of mind when purchasing from us. It is not only our commitment to you, but also our way of saying thank you by providing the best produce we can.

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