Online Ordering

We’ve opened up the farmstand for the first time today despite the rain. We’ve opened up the physical stand on Scenic Valley Rd and also opened our website for online ordering. Last year we set up the stand in the early mornings and by mid morning we would be cleaned out. We started thinking about some of our customers that couldn’t make it out to us until later in the day. We also thought a lot about people who were looking for a specific item before they got to the stand. We needed a solution that worked for everyone and I’m sure you’ve guessed what that solution is.

Our Solution:

That’s right… online ordering! We’ve been working hard behind the scenes thinking of ways to make things easier for our customers (that’s you). We’ve also been focused on ways to deliver the freshest produce and minimize waste. Right now we are taking online orders for produce we’ve already harvested and have for sale at the stand. Everything is always fresh and harvested either the night before or the day of the farmstand. In the future we may open up online orders early so we can harvest to order and have exactly the right amount of produce on hand for you. We’re still working out the details and figuring out what works best!

How Online Ordering Works:

Each day we have the stand open, we’ll also have our online store open. You can order and pay online and pick up at the farmstand. We’ll have your order ready to go about one hour after it’s placed. We always post on Facebook when the stand will be open and what hours are available for pickup. If you have questions about your order you can see our frequently asked questions and contact us here.

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